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Welcome on-board, we’re just getting started! UrbanKandi is on a mission to collect all the good stuff you can put on your bucketlist in Stavanger. We're currently in Beta and with great help from our local insiders' and friends we are validating all experience details as quickly as possible. However, feel free to browse around and discover what Stavanger is all about and check back later for updated experience details!

“Black Menu” fun and social dining experience

@Hall Toll
Skansegata 2
Stavanger 4006 Rogaland NO

Hand Brewed Coffee by a Steam Barista

@Steam Kaffebar
Klubbgata 5
Stavanger 4013 Rogaland NO

Attend a retro DIY market

@Tou Scene
Kvitsøygata 25
Stavanger 4014 Rogaland NO

Chocolate making class for kids

Kirkegata 21
Stavanger 4006 Rogaland NO

Local’s favorite: Blackened lamb with mustard sauce++

@Harry Pepper
Øvre Holmegate 15
Stavanger 4006 Rogaland NO

Dine & Wine with the Godfather

@Ristorante Allegro
Skagen 37
Stavanger 4006 Rogaland NO

Liquid experience cocktail tasting

@Broremann Bar
Skansegata 7
Stavanger 4006 Rogaland NO

Culinary Olivenights

@Oliviers & Co.
Breigata 25
Stavanger 4006 Rogaland NO

Rent a rooftop and party with friends

@Comfort Hotel Square
Løkkeveien 41
Stavanger 4008 Rogaland NO

“Planken” beertasting experience

@Cardinal Pub & Bar, Stavanger
Skagen 21
Stavanger 4006 Rogaland NO

Experience Stavangers only TikiBar backyard

@Broremann Bar
Skansegata 7
Stavanger 4006 Rogaland NO

Cheese & winetasting events

Hospitalsgata 6
Stavanger 4006 Rogaland NO

Saturday champagne brunch

@Tango Bar & Kjøkken
Nedre Strandgate 23
Stavanger 4005 Rogaland NO

Locals favorite: Tasty fishsoup

@Fisketorget Stavanger
Strandkaien 37
Stavanger 4005 Rogaland NO

Spend an afternoon in Stavangers Notting Hill

@Fargegaten (The Colorful Street)
Øvre Holmegate 21
Stavanger 4006 Rogaland NO

Perfect blue mussels french style

@Renaa Matbaren
Breigata 6
Stavanger 4006 Rogaland NO

Rustic Experience Dining & BIG Cheese Platter

Steinkargata 23
Stavanger 4006 Rogaland NO

Vinbaren winetasting events

@Vinbaren, Gaffel&Karaffel
Øvre Holmegate 20
Stavanger 4006 Rogaland NO

Burger, beer & homemade milkshake

@Døgnvill Bar & Burger
Skagen 13
Stavanger 4006 Rogaland NO

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